Selected exhibitions & projects

Pizza Pavilion curated by Konstanze Schütze, Venezia (IT)
La Bellezza fa 40 curated by Stefano Bottura, Lecce (IT)
A major minority curated by 1AM, San Francisco (US)
OPPOSITION curated by MathGoth Gallery, Paris (F)
VIAVAI curated by Matteo Bandiello, Racale (IT)
APERTURA curated by Julia van der Meer, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam(NL)
LE M.U.R. curated by Modulable Urbain Reactif, Paris (F)
Razzle Dazzle Painting curated by Esther van Rosmale/Electron, Breda (NL)
GRAND TOUR curated by Alessandra Ioalè, Studio Dars ,Milano (IT)
PIZZA VOYEUR curated by Paul Barsch, Studio Nihil Baxter, Berlin (D)
ICONE 10 curated by Pietro Rivasi, Modena (IT)
VENTIXVENTI curated by Daniele Decia, Studio Dars, Milano (IT)
POST-GRAFFITI curated by Stéphane Bruneau, Maison Folie Mulins, Lille (F)
FIFTY-FIFTY curated by MathGoth gallery, Paris (F)
STREETART FESTIVAL curated by Kurt Bosmans, Hasselt (B)
SUBWAY MAP curated by MathGoth Gallery, Paris (F)
ICONE curated by Pietro Rivasi, Modena (IT)
STICKIT PUBLISHING EVENT curated by Jeroen Piepiep, Amsterdam (NL)
MAKE YOUR MARK curated by Roberto Tos, Amantes, Torino (IT)
AMETISTA curated by Arteinsacco, Studio Dieci, Vercelli (IT)
IN/OUT SIDE curated by Renato Galbusera , Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, Torino (IT)
Street Art Communication curated by Kamil Kovalcik, Lucia Vasilova, Viktor Saxs, Kosice (SK)
400ML curated by Gautier Jourdain, Maison des Métallos, Paris (FR)
POP DISASTER curated by Giacomo Spazio, No Art Gallery, Milano (IT)
OPERAZIONE AXUM curated by TAAC, Cripta 747, Torino (IT)
FORMAT C curated by Pietro Rivasi, Modena (IT)
REWRITING curated by Roberto Tos, Torino (IT)

Turin 1985. For over a decade, He has been internationally active with urban art projects. His actions give rise to constant dialogue between past and present, context and object, by identifying the elements of fracture between opposite systems. He attended the Department of Graphic Art at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy.

CT style has transitioned from a classic graffiti wildstyle into something else. Most would view the work of CT and not think about traditional graffiti elements, other than the letterform. As you look closer you can see the subtleties, overlapping planes and negative space. His simplification of the letterform towards a type style is something that you see formed in his earlier work during a 3d stage he went through.
It is interesting to see CT move through these phases, and it is exciting as well to see CT still bring most of these phases into his new work. You might say he has stripped everything away and created a more efficient version of style. By stripping away what he didn’t need CT has found something new. The true essence of those previous stages are still there, yet a evolved version emerges.
Working in abandoned and lost spaces CT searches for the perfect canvas that has the potential to create a contrast from his minimal mark. Graffiti minimalism, a deconstructed form taken to its most basic embodiment while still maintaining its initial concept of letter structure.
His work in abandoned areas is simple yet effective, staying true to common principles of graffiti CT is able to execute precise form while still maintaining a letter based principle. It is the silence in his work that stands out, the refined wholeness of 2 letters composed not only in form but in an imperfect space. The contrast of the insitu relationship of decaying chaos juxtaposed against the minimal works is impressive.
(text by Poesia)
I followed you.
From this distance it is still possible to discern your body and the size it occupies in space. Where you go, you sow some stigmas, unique and surprising by their shapes. In this quasi-vital action, the process reveals in itself your identity. In your gestures, you get to combine some aesthetics. You are attached to show links where too often we see differences. In this disturbing grace, I always recognize your imprints placed here and there. They exceed our heritage, they go beyond the tradition. Step by step your body expands, it appears diffracted. Among the stream of easy images, yours distinguish themselves from the others. Their clean lines could let think of an easy understanding. I realize they contain much more. They were designed, enhanced, arranged and we can read in them.
(text by Elise Patry)